IP- The head of the Federation of Iranian Energy Export Industries (FIEEI) recently emphasized the potential for identifying new markets by leveraging the energy capacities of Iran and Russia.

Iran PressIran news:  According to media sources, Hamidreza Salehi highlighted the opportunity for both countries to explore third-party markets in addition to their existing energy trade.

Situated strategically between East and West, Iran has the potential not only to export energy but also to serve as a transit route for Russian energy products destined for global markets. Salehi suggested that Iran could facilitate Russia's gas exports to countries like Oman, showcasing the country's role as a key energy hub in the region.

With neighboring countries like Russia, Turkmenistan, and Qatar being major gas producers on a global scale, Salehi pointed out that Iran could play a significant role in influencing gas pricing. He also emphasized FIEEI's role as a facilitator in promoting collaboration among various energy sectors, including oil, gas, electricity, and related industries.

Salehi highlighted that FIEEI boasts 21 members from diverse energy sectors such as the Iran Electrical Industry Syndicate (IEIS), Society of Iranian Petroleum Industry Equipment Manufacturers (SIPIEM), refineries, and bunkering companies. Notably, he mentioned that 65 percent of Iran's non-oil exports are facilitated by FIEEI members.


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