Exports from Ardabil Bile Savar customs increased

Ardabil (IP) - The governor of Bile Savar, Ardabil province, northwestern Iran, said, non-oil exports from the customs of this city in the last five months of this year in the Iranian calendar compared to the same period last year has increased by 22 percent.

Iran PressIran News: Hassan Ghobadi, the governor of Bile Savar, added, "So far, 48,000 tons of goods worth $ 47 million have been exported from Bile Savar International Customs to neighboring countries."

The main export goods of Ardabil province from the border are potatoes, cement, glass, various products, and foodstuffs that are exported to the Republic of Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Bile Savar city is located 165 km north of Ardabil and is neighboring the Republic of Azerbaijan.


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