Tehran (IP) - Iran’s Minister of Energy said on Wednesday that part of Iran's demands from Iraq for electricity and gas exports, about $ 700 million in worth, was received during a recent visit to Baghdad.

Iran Press/Iran News: Reza Ardakanian, responded to a question raised by Iran Press about the new agreement between Iran and Iraq during his recent visit to Baghdad, saying that a new agreement was reached during the talks, which is the opening of euro accounts to deposit Iranian funds in euros.

The Minister of Energy stated that due to the oppressive sanctions against Iran, these accounts can be used to finance and pay for the basic commodities needed by the country.

Ardakanian also announced the holding of a joint commission on economic cooperation between Iran and Iraq in Tehran through the participation of the public and private sectors of the two countries in the near future after 6 years.

Ardakanian's remarks came on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting held on Wednesday morning. 101

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