Tehran (IP) - With the end of the counting of votes in the thirteenth presidential election of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi was elected as the eighth President of Iran.

Iran PressIran news: According to the Iranian Interior Ministry election campaign, Ebrahim Raisi won nearly 18 million votes.

Following this victory, the President-elect stated in a statement that this election is based on the rule of religious democracy, the election of the whole nation and that he will be the servant of the whole republic. "I will form a hard-working, revolutionary, and anti-corruption government, and we will move towards the expansion of justice as the central mission of the Islamic Revolution."

Before his victory, in an interview, he described being popular, anti-corruption, and having a revolutionary spirit as three components for choosing his ministers and said: "Everyone should know that the people's government does not tolerate any corruption and we will not allow corruption anywhere in the administrative organization of the government."

Raisi also wrote in a statement announcing his presence in the presidential election, referring to the important topics of his government's work: It is clear that the people are protesting and complaining about the current administrative and economic situation of the country, which is neither compatible with the values ​​of the revolution, nor with the expectations of the people, nor with the existing facilities and capabilities. Therefore, to cure this common pain, the future government must deeply believe in the fundamental transformation of the country's administration in the people's interest, to turn the bitterness of injustice, depression, and marginalization into the sweet taste of justice soon.

The president-elect has also said that the people are not looking for an individual or a group to leave power so that another tribe would sit in their place and divide the country's resources. Therefore, the result of the election must be a real "transformation" that is to restore hope and vitality to people's lives.

In about 45 days, the presidency will be handed over to the president-elect.

The new president will take over the government while Iran's economy has suffered a lot for various reasons. According to the latest statistics at the end of the twelfth government, the inflation rate will increase to 45%, which is a record of its kind. 

The rate of inflation in the economy is known as the most political rate because people feel the increase and decrease of this rate on their tables; therefore, reducing the inflation expectations and preventing the growth of the inflation rate, and returning it to the downward trend will be among the challenges facing the future government.

Youth unemployment and the need to provide productive capacity through the use of skilled and educated youth is another economic challenge for the future government.

Using the country's facilities, which are very diverse and valuable, definitely requires the selection of hard-working and motivated officials to use the existing capacities to meet the economic challenges at the highest level.

From this perspective, the views and statement of the President-elect addressed to the people of Iran emphasize that the end of the elections should be the beginning of a new movement to bring about change.

Written by: Jamshid Aminzadeh 


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