Mar 26, 2020 17:40 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Mar 26, 2020 22:11 Asia/Tehran]
  • Iran to welcome any drug made for combating Coronavirus

Tehran (IP) - The head of the Food and Drug Administration Mohammad Reza Shanehsaz has said that if anybody claims that it has made any drug to cure Coronavirus disease, we are ready to test and license it.

Iran PressIran news: The head of Abadan University of Medical Sciences said that the study of the effect of an antiviral drug on the critically ill patients of Covid-19 has shown success in treating these patients and have reduced the death rate of acute patients to zero.

Mohammad Reza Shanehsaz in response to IP question about the news said: "If there is any claim whether herbal, chemical or natural methods well-proved to treat and cure the Coronavirus disease after being accepted, approved and passed by the specialized committee, the Food and Drug Administration will also pass and approve it and then the approved medicine would be distributed and dispensed among people and those in need."

Shanesaz reiterated the nonstop efforts to contain the virus. 104/207

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