Feb 19, 2020 19:23 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Feb 19, 2020 20:50 Asia/Tehran]

On the sideline of Wednesday's cabinet session, the Chief of Staff of the President, Mahmoud Vaezi said: "Those who are against FATF must accept responsibility for the ensuing repercussions for our banking system and for our economy."

Iran Press/Iran News: Commenting on the fact that time is running out for Iran to reach a decision on the FATF bill, Mahmoud Vaezi said: "Except of two or three countries in the world, all other countries cooperate with the FATF, and if joining FATF will increase the pressure on our country, then if we accept that, it means all countries in the world that have joined the FATF bill have accepted these pressures on their economies, which is simply not true."

"Every international regulation can have both advantages and also some limitations too," he said, adding that, "I think this is not the first time that we are going to cooperate with an international monetary entity as we had for many years in the past."

Mahmoud Vaezi "In the current situation, due to restrictions on banking relationships caused by sanctions, the restrictions imposed by not joining the FATF may not have a significant impact on our banking sector, but once the sanctions are lifted, non-compliance with the FATF itself will lead to sanctions, so those who are against ratifying the FATF bill must accept the responsibility for the pressures that will put on Iran's banking sector and economy," the Presidential Chief of Staff underscored.  212/211/101


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