Nov 10, 2019 10:10 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 15, 2019 08:43 Asia/Tehran]

Iran's President and several cabinet ministers are visiting Yazd Province for the inauguration of various infrastructure and economic projects.

Iran Press/Iran News: Upon arrival at Shahid Ayatollah Sadooghi Airport, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was welcomed by Supreme Leader’s Representative in Yazd Province, Governor General of Yazd and other local officials.

The President is scheduled to address the people of the province at Amir Chakhmaq Cultural-Historical Complex in a few hours.

Speaking at the airport, Rouhani said, “In this visit, new plans and projects, which are aimed at contributing to the development and advancement of the province, will be announced”.

“Today, we are the guest of the dear people of Yazd and we will meet with them,” continued the President.

He added, “In this visit, two important projects will start operation in Ardakan”.

He also expressed hope that the visit will have good results for the people and the province.


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