Nov 10, 2019 09:59 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 06, 2019 21:34 Asia/Tehran]

Varnakesh (IP)- The Head of the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation said that some 1800 earthquake-hit residential units are in dire need of reconstruction.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Head of the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation, Alireza Tabesh stressed the necessity of the reconstruction of the residential units which have been destroyed in a recent earthquake that occurred in the East Azerbaijan province in North West of Iran. 

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, during his official visit from the earthquake-hit areas in the village of Varnakesh, Tabesh said that there have been residential damages in counties of Mianeh and Saraab.

Tabesh also went on to explain that there have been some agents on behalf of the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation to assess the amount of the damages accurately. Iran's housing official added that the houses have been evaluated however the assessments suggested that some 1700 -1800 residential units would be in dire need of reconstruction and 1000 more should be repaired and altered.

The Head of the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation noted that at the beginning every detail should be considered carefully so that the removal of the building remains could be started.

However, he said that the latter has been started for those buildings whose damages been estimated.

Alireza Tabesh referred to the fact that as the cold winter is approaching the residential units which are not considered as occupiable would be constructed sooner than the other units, saying, there is not any obstacle for payment of the grants and thanks to the contribution of the people in charge, there will be compensation for all of the losses.


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