Nov 09, 2019 16:29 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 07, 2019 22:13 Asia/Tehran]
  • South Pars field
    South Pars field

A pipeline carrying gas from South Pars offshore gas field was reportedly damaged on Wednesday.

Iran Press/Iran news: The pipeline, which is a part of South Pars Phases 15 and 16, leaked gas which was controlled immediately by cutting gas feed to the sea pipeline.

The project manager Reza Forouzesh confirmed that the gas leak was now under control, Iran Press reported.

Forouzesh further said that production had been temporarily shut down to allow for the repairs of the damaged gas pipeline. The cause of the incident is under investigation.

South Pars, the world’s largest offshore gas field, is being developed in 24 phases in Iran. Qatar shares the field in the Persian Gulf with Iran. 


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