South Khorasan (IP) - Iran's president considered the issue of employment as one of the main concerns of the government in South Khorasan province.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking on Friday afternoon on the second day of the second visit of the Raisi Administration to South Khorasan Province, Ebrahim Raisi told the meeting of the Provincial Planning and Development Council: "We should sincerely thank the sincere and insightful people of Birjand and Nahbandan and all people of South Khorasan who really showed an epic display of presence."

"This presence is a manifestation of people's adherence to the Islamic Revolution, values, the Guardianship of Islamic Jurists and martyrs, and I hope it can have its effects and blessings in the province and the country," he added.

The President noted: "On the one hand, we should be happy and grateful for this presence, and on the other hand, this presence brings responsibility. The expectation of these people from the statesmen and officials and all those who serve in the name of the government and the system, is to provide a different work; A jihadist work and a lasting movement to solve the problems that people have today."

Raisi continued to consider the great and important capital of the people of this province as their religious culture and morals and said: "South Khorasan, despite its long border with Afghanistan, which has many problems and its insecurities can be transferred to Iran, has the lowest crime rate."

The President described the cultural originality of the people of South Khorasan as exemplary not only in the border areas but also throughout the country and added: "In the recent issues of the country, the people of South Khorasan acted completely responsibly."

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Raisi advised the managers of the province, especially the cultural managers, to pay attention to this cultural capital and stated: "Young and old, Shia and Sunni, highly educated people and even the lasting faces of the province are deeply committed to religious issues."

Raisi continued by stating that the administrative system of the country is obliged to act in accordance with the spirit of the people's sense of responsibility for preserving and strengthening the religious culture.

Raisi added: "Someone who doesn't care about people's pain and doesn't care about the quality and speed of work cannot be the source of change."

Raisi emphasized the necessity of employing educated local workers in the administrative and executive bodies of the province and said: "In the situation where there is an educated male and female workforce in the province, employing them is a priority, unless someone in another city or province has special qualifications."

The President called the efficiency of the administrative system another serious demand of the people from the government and said: "Respect for clients, recognition of priorities, freedom from any corruption and pollution, strict and uniform implementation of the law, action along with the announcement and correct execution of missions are important components."

Raisi considered the issue of employment as one of the main concerns of the government in South Khorasan province and stated: "Creating employment is not only the duty of the Ministry of Labour but also of each manager and official."

Raisi emphasized the activation of existing mines in South Khorasan province as the capital of this province and said: "It was decided that the Minister of Industry and the Governor General of South Khorasan should immediately form the Mines Council and remove the obstacles to the activation of mines in the province."

Referring to some statements and doubts about the construction of one million housing units per year, the President said: "We have said many times that this amount of housing is the country's need, it is a legal duty, and it is also our promise, and we say unequivocally that it will be done."


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