South Khorasan (IP) - Iran's President says villages are important bases and strongholds for production, for creating security in the country, and for creating hope in the people, and rural youth should be confident that both education and employment are possible for them in the area where they live.

Iran PressIran News: On the second day of the Raisi Administration's visit to South Khorasan province, Ebrahim Raisi visited the village of Lano to meet with the people of the border areas of Sarbisheh county, and after seeing the construction projects and jihadist efforts to remove deprivation from the villages of this region, saying: "Today, thanks to the Islamic Republic of Iran, a great and unique effort is being made to develop and remove deprivation from these areas."

Pointing out that today it can be firmly stated that no town or village in this region does not benefit from the blessing of gas pipelines, the President added, "Water supply to the region and solving problems related to water shortage are also being followed up with seriousness and around the clock efforts of the hardworking brothers of IRGC and Basij in Imam Hassan Mojtaba (AS) Headquarters."

Raisi stated that jihadist groups from different parts of the country have come to this region to remove deprivation from the region and to show the beautiful face of the region, adding: "Today, villages are important strongholds for production and also creating security in the country and creating hope in the people and the rural youth should be sure that there is both the possibility of education and employment for them in the area where they live."

Referring to his visit to production workshops and empowerment centers for women heads of households and rural households, the President stated: "Rural women produce handicrafts and valuable goods in these workshops, which, if they can have proper marketing for them, will have a significant added value, and this issue should be followed seriously."

Raisi noted: "Today, the view of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the view of the Popular Administration, and the view of the forces of the revolution towards this region is the view of development, elimination of deprivation, and resolution of problems."

The President said: "Today, everyone is trying and working to remove the deprivation from the face of the villages. You, the villagers, must, first of all, make efforts to remove the deprivation and the government considers itself obliged to support you so that the face of this region changes and the deprivations are removed from the region."

Saying that meeting and talking with you was a great success for me, Raisi promised the residents of the border villages of the region that he would follow up on the issue of fuel income of the border dwellers and their other demands during this trip.


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