Tehran (IP) - Eight utility projects in three provinces with the value of 175 billion Toman inaugurated on Tuesday in the presence of the energy minister through a video conference.

Iran PressIran News: The most important part of today’s projects was unveiling the first Iranian-made 82.5 MV roto turbine in Tehran with a value of 35 billion Toman, while the imported sample cost about 90 billion Toman.

The previous producer of the turbine rotor was the American company 'General Electric', and although Iranian engineers did not have access to the know-how, they could develop by reverse engineering.

Hard work in six months in various engineering sections put Iran among the five countries in the world that can make this turbine rotor.

Two water treatments in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari, two solar power plants, and two distribution line projects in Isfahan were put into operation.

According to the weekly schedule by the energy ministry (every week, A, B, Iran), 62 villages in 16 provinces benefited from electricity.

Speaking at this meeting, Iranian energy minister Reza Ardakanian called the projects a capital for the country, especially in the sanction period.

Referring to the fact that our region is in a condition which whether has no rain or a lot of rain, Ardakanian added that it had been fully scheduled and we can manage this condition well.


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