Tehran (IP) - Hassan Kazemi-Qomi, the President's special representative for Afghanistan, emphasized the importance of regional initiatives to improve Afghanistan's social and security conditions after holding the second meeting of the special representatives of Iran, Pakistan, China, and Russia about the country.

Iran PressIran news: The regional contact group meeting for Afghanistan kicked off on Saturday morning in Tehran with the participation of special representatives of Iran, China, Russia, and Pakistan.

Hassan Kazemi-Qomi said that the conditions of the Afghan people in Tehran are difficult, and most of the problems are related to the US occupation.

In the meeting, the four countries emphasized regional initiatives and raised concerns about helping the country's security, fighting against terrorism, and providing humanitarian aid.

Terrorism continues to threaten the people of the region and Afghanistan, with various terrorist incidents witnessed in recent months.

The discussion in Tehran focused on the issue of borders and creating a space for the return of immigrants, which accounts for about 30% of Afghanistan's population.

Iran hosts about six million Afghan immigrants, which creates various concerns, so stability and security must be promoted in interaction with Kabul.

Presenting proposals to the Afghan government does not mean interfering in Afghanistan's affairs, but rather using available internal and external capacities to address the large-scale crisis in the country.

Iran welcomes any constructive initiative to help Afghanistan and has decided to transfer these initiatives to the Afghan government through diplomatic channels.