The head of IRIB's World Service has said the expansion of Iran-Russia media cooperation is an effective step towards ending Western media dominance.

Iran PressIran news: Meeting with Managing Director of Russia Today TV channel Aleksey L. Nikolov, the head of IRIB's World Service Peyman Jebelli said that RT television channel cooperates with 'Press TV' and other cross-border networks in Iran.

Jebelli expressed hope that this cooperation in various fields including the exchange of experience, training and technical equipment to be expanded, Iran press reported.

He criticized the dual standards of media watchdogs, such as the Office of Communications, commonly known as Ofcom, the UK government-approved regulatory and competition authority for the broadcasting, and telecommunications industries. Jebelli added: "Unfortunately, the way Ofcom dealt with and handled 'Press TV' as well as the hostile network 'Iran International' cases reveals the highly biased and discriminatory approach of Ofcom."

The head of IRIB World Service, Peyman Jebelli arrived in Moscow on Thursday to meet with Russian media officials.


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