70 startups launched by Iranian elites in three yrs.

Iranian elites graduated from top 20 prestigious universities in the world, succeeded to launch 70 startups within three years.

Iran Press/Iran news: According to the Science and Technology Vice-Presidency, 135 students graduated from the world’s top 20 academic centres are busy and active in the country, launching startups and hi-tech knowledge-based companies.

Top talents are considered as one of the main pillars of the new knowledge-based economy so that many countries have considered plans for elites and domestic and foreign talents, Mehr News Agency reported.

Identifying, attracting and promoting interactions with the country’s non-resident talents can help promote capabilities in the fields of science, technology and innovation as well as the creation of new economic added value.

Program for cooperating with Iranian experts and entrepreneurs living abroad was set up in Iran’s National Elites Foundation in order to take advantage of these capacities.

Objectives of this comprehensive program include as follows: taking advantage of scientific and research capabilities of Iranian entrepreneurs living abroad in scientific, technological and industrial centers of the country, promoting scientific and research level of co-operative centers, providing suitable ways for the development of advanced and emerging technologies in the country, etc.


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