The navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has escorted about 6,000 tankers since 2009.

IranPress/Iran news: The navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has managed to escort 6,000 tankers since 2009, according to the top commander of the South Naval base of the Iranian Navy, Rear Admiral II Afshin Tashk on Saturday.

According to an Iran Press report, attending a welcoming ceremony for the 60th Naval fleet, Rear Admiral II Afshin Tashk said the Iranian Navy has deployed the 60th naval fleet to distant waters in order to protect the interests of the Islamic Republic since 2009.

He added: "This action has been taken in line with Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei's orders that the Navy must be strategically operational and expand the field of its mission to combat the inauspicious phenomenon of piracy ."

The Commander of the South Naval base stated: "The 60th intelligence, operational and training naval fleet consisting of the destroyer 'Binder', the 'Lavan' and 'Bushehr' logistics warships, which, after 52 days and at a distance of 5,600 miles, in the ports of Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Muscat, Oman returned to the country.

The 60th naval fleet of the Islamic Republic of Iran was greeted by the governor of Hormozgan province and a group of commanders in the port city of Bandar Abbas on Saturday morning.

During the ceremony, the 61st naval fleet also left Bandar Abbas to patrol distant waters under the order of top commanders of the Navy.

Hormozgan governor Fereydoun Hemmati said during the ceremony that thanks to a powerful navy, today, the people of Iran live calmly on the shores and borders of the country adding: "This force fluttering Islamic Republic of Iran's flag strongly in distant waters and protect the interests of the country in the high seas."

The great naval military exercise 'Velayat 97' got underway in February with the surface, sub-surface, and aerial units displaying their might in the Sea of Oman and Northern Indian ocean.


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