Iranian people celebrate Nowruz nationwide often with joyous and lively local songs and ballads, saluting the new year festivities.

Iran Press/Iran news: A professional group of musicians, forming the group 'Rastaak', has reworked many traditional Nowruz (new year) songs and ballads associated with the city of Birjand and surrounding areas in South Khorasan province.

Rastaak specializes in singing traditional folk music and local music. One of the characteristics of music from this region of Iran is that it is often rhythmic and theatrical or dramatic.

The city of Birjand, in particular, has been associated with this type of local music for centuries and millennia.

The most common and prominent musical instruments used in Birjand and surrounding areas include Large Drum (known as Dohol in Persian), Flute, Sorna (ancient Iranian woodwind musical instrument) and Dayereh (a medium-sized frame drum with jingles).

Normally the musicians themselves make these instruments.


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