Iranian Foreign Minister said that foreign intervention led region into scene of war, extremism and destructive moves.

Iran Press/Iran news: “In this turbulent situation of the region, Islamic Republic of Iran helped restore peace, security and stability to the region by all its means and power,” Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said late on Wednesday in a meeting with foreign envoys and ambassadors in Tehran.

Iranian Foreign Minister made the remarks on the occasion of 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iran Press reported.

“Despite all pressures imposed on the country, Islamic Revolution managed to overcome all difficulties and moved toward independence, development and progress,” Zarif noted.

Iranian Foreign Minister added: “Today, we are proud to announce that Islamic Republic of Iran has stood in the right path of history in the fight against terrorism in Iraq, Syria and fight of Yemeni people against foreign aggression as well as  that of Palestinian people against conspiracies of the Zionist regime.”

In a meeting with ambassadors and heads of missions of foreign countries to Tehran on Wednesday, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said in spite of America's misconduct and the fact that Europe was very weak and ineffective in fulfilling its obligations, the Islamic Republic of Iran has honoured its obligations in full.

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“This is a great honor for the noble Iranian people as they managed to move towards progress and development since the Islamic Revolution despite all pressures and sanctions imposed on the country,” Zarif continued.

“We hope that our relations with all neighboring states will move towards evermore progress and development and in this way, Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to establish amicable relationship with neighboring countries in the best form possible,” Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif concluded. 104

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