Tehran (IP) - The leader of Friday prayers in Tehran believes that the unveiling of Fattah's hypersonic missile has improved the level of security in the Middle East.

Iran PressIran News: Fattah hypersonic missile was unveiled as the latest strategic achievement of the IRGC on June 6, which is one of the most advanced generations of missiles in the world, and no defense system has been able to hit it.

With the unveiling of the missile, the Islamic Republic became one of the four countries with this technology. Mohammad Javad Haj Ali Akbari, the preacher of Friday prayers in Tehran, added: "This sweet event caused a storm of fear in the demons."

Tehran's Friday prayers leader stated: The unveiling is a blow to the enemies. 

The preacher of the Friday prayers in Tehran, referring to the arrogant hostility against the Iranian nation, added: The enemy, who has failed in all cases, is trying to divide the nations of the region with a soft war. Although they started their cultural assault years ago, nowadays, they are more active than ever in their Devilish-think room.


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