The Islamic Republic of Iran has released a jailed Danish citizen in lieu of the freedom of two Iranian nationals, Deputy Judiciary Chief announced on Friday.

Iran PressIran News: Kazzem Gharibabadi said that Massoud Mosaheb and Kamran Ghaderi who have spent 54 months and 90 months, respectively in Demark's prisons were freed in exchange for the freedom of a Danish national who was released on humanitarian grounds.

In another development, Assadollah Assadi, a former Iranian diplomat imprisoned in Belgium on baseless charges, returned home after five years on Friday.

Assadi, a diplomat at Iran’s Embassy in Austria, was arrested in June 2018 by the Belgian Government while he was on vacation near a German state.

Belgian police had accused him of allegedly plotting an attack against the MKO terrorist organization, a claim that has been strongly rejected by the former diplomat and Iranian authorities.

A Belgian court then sentenced Assadi to 20 years in prison.

Iran had repeatedly condemned the violation of Assadi's diplomatic immunity and made every effort to secure his release in negotiations with Belgian authorities.