Cape Town (IP) - "Developing states must be independent. They don't have to please anyone on the international arena," said Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister during a press conference after the meeting of BRICS Foreign Ministers in Cape Town on Thursday.

Iran PressAfrica: "It is necessary to be independent. Developing countries and countries with emerging markets - we are all equal members of the international community. We do not depend on anyone, we do not please anyone, and we do not threaten anyone. All our efforts are aimed at making the lives of our people better," Ma Zhaoxu added.

According to the Chinese official, there are a number of states in the world that "seek to create small circles, sever ties, suppress and contain development of certain developing countries, including China."

He stated that developing countries have a long history, rich traditions, and culture which gives them confidence, wisdom, and strength.

"The final decision in our internal affairs is ours to make. No one is entitled to act as a mentor or strip developing countries of their own development path," the Chinese diplomat said.

He also emphasized that developing states "are completely ready and able to make a proper contribution to the business of peace and global development." Ma Zhaoxu highlighted that this contrasts sharply with solidarity and cooperation between BRICS states.


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