Tulkarem (IP) - The Israeli regime's soldiers stormed the Nur Shams camp of Tulkarem in the north of the West Bank of the Jordan River, but Palestinian youth resisted.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Israeli regime's soldiers attacked Nor Shams Tulkarm camp with several vehicles on Monday night and clashed with Palestinian resistance youth.

There was a shooting between Palestinian resistance youth and Israeli soldiers in Noor Shams, Tulkarem camp, and the residents of this camp chanted Allahu Akbar at night in support of the Palestinian resistance.

After a few hours of fighting with the youth of the Palestinian resistance in Noor Shams Tulkarm camp, the Israeli regime's soldiers were finally forced to withdraw from this camp.

Resistance has been formed in different areas of the west bank of the Jordan River, and the new generation of resistance in the area has become a serious challenge for the Zionist regime.


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