Isfahan(IP)- The political, security, and social deputy of Isfahan Governorate (central Iran) emphasized the need to share knowledge and capabilities between Iran and Uzbekistan in the field of preservation of historical heritage.

Iran PressIran news: Mohammadreza Jannesari, the political, security, and social deputy of Isfahan Governorate, in a meeting with "Shohret Mahmoudov", the deputy of cultural heritage and tourism of Uzbekistan, referring to the cultural closeness between the two countries of Iran and Uzbekistan, said: "If we look at the historical monuments of the two countries, there are many commonalities, the reason for which is the friendship and brotherhood between the two nations from many years ago."

The political, security, and social deputy of Isfahan Governorate added: "The two nations have a very deep feeling of brotherhood with each other, and this is the feeling that stands out in the national symbols of the two countries."

Shohrat Mahmoudov, Deputy Director of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Uzbekistan, also pointed out the cultural commonalities between Iran and Uzbekistan and emphasized the need to use Iran's experiences in the field of cultural heritage protection and said: "We have started renovations in the city of Bukhara, and in this regard, we need the help of Iranian masters, and we want to create educational workshops and exchanges of ideas so that this great art and science can be shared."


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