Tehran (IP) - The representative of the World Equestrian Federation appreciated the high level of Iran's horse jumping competitions.

Iran PressIran news: Khaled Khatib, the international judge of the World Equestrian Federation said that Iranian equestrians will have a chance to win a medal in the Eurasian competitions.

On the sidelines of the FEI CHALLENGE and CSI2 and CSIP world horse jumping competitions that were held in Tehran on May 22, 2023, Khalid Khatib stated: "Iranian riders are successful in the competitions."

The Lebanese referee emphasized that the competitions have been held very well so far.

Also, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Mustafa Dehdashti, the Acting Secretary of the Equestrian Federation, noted that during the competitions, 7 riders completed the course with good scores.

The official emphasized that the champion of this competition will be sent to international competitions.


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