Gaza (IP)- The spokesman of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance group(PIJ) asked all the responsible institutions to fulfill their duties for the release of "Sheikh Khizr Adnan".

Iran PressMiddle East: Sheikh Khizr Adnan, one of the leaders of PIJ, is on hunger strike for 85 days in the Israeli regime's prison in protest of his arrest.

Adnan's lawyer has said that the Israeli court is going to hold a court session today (Sunday) and the Israeli court has so far opposed the release of "Sheikh Khizr Adnan" on bail.

Tariq Salmi, the spokesman of the PIJ, in an interview with Iran Press in Gaza, noted: "Sheikh Khizr Adnan is on a hunger strike to protest against his illegal arrest and his life is in danger".

Randa Musa, the wife of Sheikh Khizr Adnan in an interview with Iran Press, while addressing all the people and responsible institutions said: "Before Sheikh Khizr Adnan is killed, all must support the Palestinian prisoner".

The wife of the Palestinian prisoner urged all people of the world to declare solidarity with Sheikh Khizr Adnan so that the Israeli regime knew that this Palestinian prisoner was not alone.


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