IP- Former Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido has arrived in Miami, Florida, after being expelled by Colombian authorities, the EVTV channel reported.

Iran PressAmerica: "I was on the road for 70 hours," Guaido told the TV channel. "Unfortunately, today I have to say that the persecution [by Venezuelan authorities] is also felt in a certain way in Colombia," he added.

On Monday, Guaido announced that he had left Venezuela and was in Colombia. According to the politician, he arrived in the neighboring country for a conference in Bogota on the Venezuelan political crisis and planned to request meetings with participating international delegations.

The Colombian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that Bogota had not invited the politician to the meeting and did not expect him to participate in the event. In the end, the Colombian authorities mandated that Guaido leave the country and also prohibited him from making public statements.


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