US, France Presidents signaled efforts Thursday to ease tensions in the wake of the French leader's recent remarks on Taiwan and the European security relationship with Washington.

Iran PressEurope: The White House and Elysee said in separate statements after the phone call that the leaders discussed Macron's state visit in the first week of April to Beijing, where he spent several hours with President Xi Jinping.

As he ended the trip, Macron caused a stir by telling reporters that European countries should not be drawn into a fight between China and the United States over democratic, Western-backed Taiwan.

Macron said Europe should avoid "crises that aren't ours." He also repeated previous comments calling for the EU's "strategic autonomy" from the United States, which has been instrumental in defending Europe since helping to defeat Nazi Germany in World War II.

Referring to Macron's push for China to play a role in forging a peace deal to end the war in Ukraine, the statement said "China had a role to play in contributing, in the medium term, in ending the conflict in accordance with the principles and aims of the United Nations charter."

Biden and Macron also discussed the Russian military operation in Ukraine and "reiterated their steadfast support for Ukraine in the face of Russia," the statement said. 219