Tashkent (IP) - Nowruz (means New Day in Farsi) celebrations are being held all over Uzbekistan.

Iran PressAsia: The biggest park in Tashkent was one of the places where citizens gathered on the first day of spring to celebrate Nowruz.

San Vinch, one of the participants in the ceremony, said in an interview with Iran Press News Agency: Today is March 21, and it is Nowruz in the calendar of the people of Uzbekistan. Nowruz is a global celebration because different nationalities living in Uzbekistan today all participated in the celebration.

Traditional Uzbek music was performed throughout the celebration and local foods were offered at the event.

Uzbek actress Omid Akhan Barbayeva greeted and congratulated all the people of Iran, Uzbekistan, and the world on Nowruz and told Iran Press: Nowruz is a great celebration of the people of Uzbekistan, which is held every year and we actors and actresses of theater and cinema have participated in this ceremony and I hope that all days will be Nowruz for the people.

Acrobatic displays and competitions such as acrobatic rope and weightlifting were the other items in Uzbekistan during Nowruz.

Rakht Ai Helmatova, one of the citizens of Uzbekistan, also said: I congratulate everyone on Nowruz from Tashkent, and I ask all people to remember the message of the important festival which is "keeping friendships and forgetting evils" in our minds.

Handicrafts from Uzbekistan such as textiles, hand-woven carpets and calligraphic panels were also exhibited on the sidelines of the ceremony.

Every year, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Nowruz is celebrated more and more magnificently in Uzbekistan, and the country is on holiday for three days from March 21.


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