Tehran (IP) – The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) notes that the European Parliament is a place of hatemongering against Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Nasser Kanaani "The European Parliament has become a place for suspicious and extremist figures to spread hatred against the Iranian nation in line with the Iranophobia project."

Kanaani made the remark in reaction to the issuance of an anti-Iranian resolution by the European Parliament over the recent gas poisoning in the girls' schools in some parts of the country. 

It was for several weeks that some kind of gas is being emitted with ting the girls' schools in some parts of the country including Tehran, the capital, which led to the poisoning of the students.

Kanaani noted: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is seriously pursuing this case, with the specialized teams of the Ministry of Health seriously continuing their field and scientific research."

Meanwhile, the Spokesman of Iran's Police Command reported on Wednesday the arrest of 118 individuals involved in the gas poisoning of the girls' schools.

Issuing the resolution and repeating false and baseless accusations against Iran is both surprising and regrettable, Knaani said.

The spokesman of Iran's MFA recalled: "With the recent behavior of the European Parliament, it will not be surprising that if the criminals involved in this crime are identified and punished, the European Parliament will defend the very criminals in the name of human rights and call for impunity."


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