The head of Parliament's National Security and Foreign Relations Commission said on Tuesday Iran always supports an advanced and stable Iraq.

Iran PressMiddle East: Vahid Jalalzadeh was meeting with Iraq Prime Minster Fuad Hussain in Baghdad.

Jalalzadeh expressed satisfaction with the establishment of a powerful government in Iraq, referring to the background and religious and cultural affinity of the people of Iran and Iraq.

The Iranian official described the relations between the two countries as good and satisfactory.

Elsewhere in the meeting, Jalalzadeh appreciated Iraq's hosting for five rounds of Iran-Saudi negotiations and the role that the Iraqi government has played in the restoration of Tehran-Riyadh relations. "Iran is both happy with Iraq's mediations in this development and welcomes it," he said.

He referred to the good and still developing bilateral ties, asking for stronger support from the Iraqi government for the bilateral security agreement and the central Iraqi government's stronger presence in Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran does not want the events in Kurdistan Region to overshadow our relations but at the same time, Iran cannot tolerate the presence of any kind of grouplets along the shared borders," said Jalalzadeh.

For his part, the Iraqi prime minister welcomed the Iranian parliamentary delegation's presence in the 5th Iran-Iraq Joint Economic Commission session.

Fuad Hussain referred to the historical and religious backgrounds of Iran and Iraq and said that the two countries' relations were below the expected level, adding that he will do all his best to further improve bilateral relations to a much higher level.

"The level and type of Iran-Iraq ties, as two neighboring and brother countries must be so excellent that they could be a paradigm for the other neighboring Islamic countries," added Fuad Hussain.

The Iraqi prime minister also expressed delight over the restored Iran-Saudi relations, adding, "Iraqi is also ready for mediating to restore ties with other countries."

Fuad Hussain said that in his talks with the Iraqi Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechrivan Barzani, he realized that the region, does not want its relations with Iran to be harmed.

He also expressed hope that the Iran-Iraq security agreement will be implemented soon, and its practical effects on bilateral ties will be seen on both sides as soon as possible.