Iran (IP) - Shia Muslims in Iran and across the world believe that Imam Mahdi (AS) is alive, living among the people, and expecting the permission of God to reappear and make the whole world replete with justice and ends oppression.

Iran PressIran news: All Abrahamic religions believe in an end-times savior. All Abrahamic religions believe that someone will emerge who will save the world from the morass of oppression and cruelty. In Islam, the name of this savior has been mentioned. All Islamic denominations refer to this divine person and this great and extraordinary individual as Mahdi.

Jamkaran mosque


There is no Islamic denomination that does not believe Mahdi (AS) will emerge. He is a descendent of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Islamic denominations have even specified the name and epithet of that noble man. The feature of Shia ideology is that it thoroughly and clearly introduces this personality. It considers him as the son of the eleventh Imam - Imam Hassan al-Askari (AS).

Celebrating Mid Sha'aban; birth anniversary of Imam Mahdi



Imam Mahdi’s birth anniversary; manifestation of optimism 

One of the most important religious occasions among Shia Muslims is the 15th of the sixth Islamic month of Shaban which is the birthday of the Twelfth and last Shia Imam, Imam Mahdi. The occasion of Mid-Shaban is marked by devotion and celebration among Muslims, especially Shias. The birthday ceremony of Imam Mahdi is Iran's biggest festival of lights and happiness across the country and all Shia Muslims celebrate the event and share their happiness.

Imam Mahdi Sardab in Samera


Imam Mahdi (PBUH) was born on the 15th day of the month of Sha’ban on the lunar calendar around 1,200 years ago.According to Shia teachings, he is the Savior, who will reappear on earth as per divine decree, establishing peace and ridding the world of injustice, discrimination, and other instances of evil.


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Imam Mahdi (PBUH)’s father, Imam Hassan al-Askari, would keep his birth and identity from the tyrants of the time, who intended to assassinate Imam Mahdi. Their efforts and ill intention, however, failed to either come in the way of the Imam’s birth or harm him afterwards. Shia Muslims thus await the Savior’s reemergence, which is expected to transpire on a Friday, with enthusiasm.



Mahdawiyyah; Shia's ultimate hope 

Mahdawiyyah is the belief about a universal saviour. All heavenly religions like Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Islam make a prominent mention about it. They hold that the last age will witness a person who will emancipate the people from all corruption and evil. Through him, the oppressed will regain their rights and breathe freely.

Dome of a mosque adorned wih Imam Mahdi's name


This creed is not limited to Islam but is an established faith of all religions. Support for the weak, termination of oppression and enlivening the dead are all matters related to the belief in the promised Mahdi. Studies establish the archaism of “Mahdawiyyah”.

The greatest characteristic of this belief among Shias is that it engenders hope. The Shia community is not reliant only on its prominent historical events in the past. It also looks forward to the future. A person who believes in the issue of Mahdawiyyah (belief in last Shia Imam reappearance) on the basis of Shia ideology does not empty his heart of hope even in the most difficult circumstances.

Iranian people celebrate Imam Mahdi birth anniversary


There is always a ray of hope in the heart of such a person. They know that this dark era and this era of oppression and illegitimate domination will definitely come to an end. This is one of the most important results and achievements of this belief. Of course, Shia belief in the issue of Mahdawiyyah is not confined to this point.

Mosque Jamkaran beacon of hope


The issue of waiting, for the re-appearance of Imam Mahdi (AS), is an inseparable component of Mahdawiyyah. It is one of the key concepts for understanding religion and the general movement of the Islamic Ummah towards the lofty goals of Islam. 


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