Tehran (IP) - 13th Governing Board Ministerial Meeting (GBM-13) of the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (RCUWM) under the auspices of UNESCO kicks off in Tehran on Thursday.

Iran PressIran news: The 13th meeting of the Board of Governors of the Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (RCUWM) kicked off in Tehran on Thursday, February 23.

RCUWM event was inaugurated with Ministers and Deputy ministers from 16 countries in attendance including Iran's Minister of Energy Ali Akbar Mehrabian.

The meeting is chaired by Iran's Minister of Energy and the participation of the member states' senior relevant officials. 

Mehrabian delivered a speech at the inauguration ceremony.

Iran considers water as the unifying element in the region 

Speaking at the 13th edition of the Council of the water governors summit in Tehran. Iran's Minister of energy called the aim of the event to turn water into unifying elements in the region.

Ali Akbar Mehrabian told the audience in the 13th edition of the Council of the water governors summit said the aim of this international event is to turn water which is a vital element into a unifying element in the region as well as the development of the lives of the people in the regional countries.

He further called water a civilization-building element in world history as well.

RCUWM has been established under the auspices of UNESCO in 2002 in Tehran-Iran in order to achieve goals of scientific research, technology transfer, and capacity building in the region.

The Governing Board members of RCUWM are water-related Ministers from different countries as well as representatives of the Director General of UNESCO and other international organizations.

The ministers of Tajikistan, Iraq, and Bangladesh, as well as the deputies and representatives of the water sector of Oman, Qatar, Armenia, Syria, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Turkiye, Sri Lanka as well as 8 international organizations and institutions, participate in the meeting.