Khartoum (IP) - A number of the Sudanese senior partisan officials said that the main policy of most African countries was to support the Palestinian nation and to reject the Israeli regime's policies.

Iran PressAfrica: On 18 February, Israel's Deputy Director for Africa at the Foreign Ministry and the other members of the Israeli delegation were expelled from the African Union conference hall in Addis Ababa on Saturday.

The incident occurred during the opening ceremony when the security personnel of the conference approached the members of the Israeli delegation and asked them to leave the hall. 

The Israeli delegation secretly entered the meeting using other people's identification cards, so the security forces expelled them.

Sudanese are against the normalization of relations with Israel

Sedqi Kablou, the senior member of the Sudanese Communist Party told IranPress' correspondent that what the African Union did to the Israeli delegation in Addis Ababa was indicative of the majority of the African countries' stance against the Israeli occupiers. 

Adil Khalfullah, the Spokesman of the Sudanese Arab Ba'ath Socialist Party, told Iran Press that there were countries in Africa that fundamentally opposed the normalization of relations with the Israeli regime. 

Still, Heitham Mahmoud, the senior member of Sudan's Islamic Movement pointed to the Sudanese people's opposition to the normalization of ties with the Israeli regime and said that the regime made a mistake by trying to normalize relations with some African Union member countries.

He emphasized that the expulsion of the Israeli delegation from the African Union summit proved that the regime fell far from its goals in Africa. 

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, stated its appreciation of the African Union (AU) over its stance against the Israeli regime.


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