The ambassador and permanent representative of Russia to the United Nations stated that the UN Security Council has failed in its duty to maintain peace around the Minsk agreements.

Iran PressAmerica: Russia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, said at the Security Council meeting on Friday that the Security Council failed to fulfill its duty to maintain peace and security around the Minsk agreements.

The Minsk agreements were nothing but a smokescreen for the West to arm the Ukrainian military and prepare them for war against Russia, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia said on Friday.

In this meeting, which was held at the request of Russia on the anniversary of the Minsk Agreements, Nebenzia said: "Eight years ago, on February 17, 2015, the United Nations Security Council approved Resolution 2202, which was related to the implementation of the Minsk Agreements."

The Russian ambassador to the United Nations continued: "After that, the Security Council met regularly, mostly at the initiative of Russia, to discuss the implementation of the Minsk Agreements. The statement by the President of the United Nations Security Council in support of this process was approved in 2018."

Moscow repeatedly stated that Kiyv was not fulfilling the deal, for example by not granting self-government to the Russian-speaking region of Donbas. In February 2022, Russia began a military operation to defend the territory from Ukrainian troops.

The Minsk agreements were a complex series of measures negotiated by Russia, France, Germany and Ukraine in 2014-2015 in a bid to put an end to the armed conflict between the Kiyv authorities and the breakaway region of Donbas. 219

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