Tehran (IP) - Muslims across the world will celebrate the occasion of Eid al-Maba'ath on Saturday.

Iran PressIran news: Saturday, February 18, 2023, coincided with Rajab 27, 1444 AH, is the occasion of Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Maba'ath Eid, which is of great significance for the world's Muslims. 

On such a day, more than 1444 years ago, God appointed Muhammad (PBUH), who was 40 years of age, as His Prophet, with Gabriel, the angel, bringing the divine message to him. 

He was assigned to get the people out of the stygian darkness of ignorance they were sunk in, and to bring them into a dignified, humanitarian, and moral-based life. 

The appointment was the beginning of the world's greatest moral civilization which saved humankind from polluted thoughts throughout history.

He came to humankind with the holy divine book, Quran, which teaches them equality, justice, kindness, loving each other, and nature.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) established new concepts such as honoring women and girls, fighting oppression and idolatry, altruism, monotheism, and morality in human society.

His thoughts and divine teachings spread in the world and over time to the extent that the arrogant power fell into panic lest they lose their domination over the people.

Waging Islamophobia through such groups as ISIS and the desecration of Muslim's values, such as what the French Charlie Hebdo does, are just examples of the arrogant powers led by the US.


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