Iran (IP) - Today's tired world, hit by war, aggression, boycott, bullying, and oppression, yearns for the halcyon days when Allah (God) the Al-Mighty assigned his pure servant, Muhammad PBUH, to promote love and peace among people.

Iran PressIran news: Over 1400 years ago, God gifted humans a 40-year teacher. The man came among one of the most ignorant communities of the time in the Arab Peninsula to feed them the ambrosia of knowledge, love, brotherhood, and equality. 

The teacher taught humans self-sacrifice, that if one sees their fellow was in need, they must help them if possible. 

Prophet Muhammad was assigned to conquer the hearts, not lands. 

And that was an elixir that changed those people in that peninsula and covered the world at that time. 

But the wrongdoers and tyrants who did not tolerate love, purity, and justice did not remain inert. Since the Prophet's demise until now, they have been doing anything, from murdering to Islamophobia, to remove his path, but they have failed.

Take a look at the ongoing world today, and you see that the ambrosia has turned into something bitter than hemlock to the human of the 21st century.

Arrogant powers of the world slaughter people so they can accumulate money in their global banks; it makes no difference for the powers who should be victimized for their interests, be it their ally or a non-ally; be it Ukraine or Yemen, Japan or Afghanistan ….  

They humiliate and colonize people to fill their pockets with the very people's money; they oust people from their homeland so that they build their colorful cities with skyscrapers and amenities and call it the 'Land of Justice'.

Inevitably, as the senior student of the very teacher says that the people follow their rulers, the people living under the rule of such powers then follow the rulers' utilitarianism; they put aside humanity and strive to reach their 'interests'.

They are metamorphosed and mesmerized that turn blind to what is happening for their Yemeni, Afghan, Ukrainian, … fellows and believe: Hey! Their problem is none of our business; it is their problem!

On such a day, over 1400 years ago, God gifted Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to humans to teach them humanity, and his class was from the Arab Peninsula to the whole world.

Tuesday, February 29, 2022, Rajab 27, 1443 AH, is the day Islam's Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was assigned as the last Messenger of God to guide people to prosperity. 

Muhammad is not the father of any one of your men, but the Messenger of God, and the Seal of the Prophets God has knowledge of everything. Holy Quran: Chapter 33 (Ahzab), verse 40.


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