The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran arrived at the Beijing International Airport on Tuesday morning local time and was welcomed by the Minister of Culture and Tourism of China.

Iran PressAsia: At the official invitation of his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi traveled to China for a three-day visit at the head of a high-ranking economic and political delegation.



Raisi will be officially welcomed by the Chinese president at the country's Congress in a few hours.

This is the first official state visit of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran to China after 20 years.

The meeting with the President of China, signing important documents of bilateral cooperation in the, as well as the meeting of the Prime Minister and the President of the National People's Congress of China are among the plans of Iran's President.

This is Raisi's 10th foreign trip in the last year and a half. 219