Tehran (IP) - Saying that "11 February " (22 Bahman in the Persian Calendar) is the day of the beginning of independence, freedom, and the Islamic Republic, the Iranian President said: "11 February is the day of victory of right over wrong and the day of victory of the oppressed over the arrogant and the realization of the miracle of the century.

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi in a speech addressing people in the gathering of the marchers of the 44th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Tehran's Azadi Square: "It is the day of victory for those who throughout history hoped to establish a system in the name of religion and always in they did a lot of effort in this way."

The President noted the victory of the Islamic Revolution in the 22 Bahan 1357 (11 February 1979) and said: "It was the day of the end of tyranny and dependence and the beginning of independence and freedom and the Islamic Republic and the day of fulfillment of the will of the great nation of Iran".

Raisi said: 11 February is the explosion of light, the fulfillment of the miracle of the century, and the fulfillment of the wishes of the worriers of God, scholars, martyrs, and those who made a lot of efforts in this way throughout history with hope in their hearts based on a system called religion."

Today manifestation of national unity in Iran

He stated that today is the day of the manifestation of national unity, stressed: "Today is the day of the presence of people who showed up in the square in every street of hundreds of cities and thousands of villages across Iran, not only voting but above the vote, make an allegiance with the late founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the martyrs and lofty ideals of the glorious Islamic Revolution."

President Raisi noting the fact that " These allegiance is much higher than a vote, stated: "We did not gather today just to commemorate 22 Bahman and to honor the status of martyrs, fighters and those who created the epic of victory of the Revolution; That great movement can be celebrated, but in addition to celebrating and honoring the Day of the Victory, we have come to say that with the presence of the people, the defeat of the enemies and the victory of the Revolutionary Front was achieved once again."

Raisi stated that both the creation of the Pahlavi Regime was against the will of the nation and they came to the power with a coup d'état, as well as its continuation, adding: "They committed crimes and treason during their rule, and they did not pay attention to the great capacities of Iran and only thought about the satisfaction of the regime and the US."

President Raisi noted: "Some people seek to purify the face of the Pahlavi fake regime, but in the implementation of the leadership's order for Jihad, it should be explained to the dear people, especially our youth, what ugliness, filth, humiliation and backwardness this regime brought to the Iranian nation.The Islamic Revolution was the end of this humiliation and the beginning of our nation's respectability."

Opens arms to embrace the deceived people by enemies

President Ebrahim Raisi emphasized on Saturday that the government with open arms accepts the ones who were deceived by the enemy.

As to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s stance on the unrest in Iran, Raisi said that his administration follows the fatherly attitude of the Supreme Leader and opens arms to accept the deceived people.

The arms should remain open for all who have found out that they were misled by the enemies, he said, adding that the foes seek to deprive the Iranian nation of independence and freedom and that the Iranians are well aware that the enemies do not want to give us life and freedom.

The enemies speak of women's rights, but thanks to the Islamic Revolution, Iranian women are playing key roles at universities and in different social, political, and economic arenas, the president argued.

Addressing Iranians in the large gathering of the commemoration of the victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution at Azadi Square, downtown Tehran, Raisi noted that Bahman 22nd is the day of the victory of righteousness over evil and the day of the victory of the oppressed over the oppressors, as well as the day of realization of the miracle of the century.

He made the remarks in marking the 44th victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, noting that this is the day of triumph for those, who have hoped for the establishment of a government under the name of religion and they have always made all-out strides toward this goal.

Following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iran reached significant achievements in scientific, technological, economic, defense, and healthcare sectors, he argued.

The US follows up on the MKO terrorists, who martyred over 17,000 Iranians, he said, adding that the US Congress removed the terrorist group from its blacklist, which is a scandalous measure by the Americans.

The enemies tried to hatch a plot and create unrest to stop the Iranians’ progress in all fields, but the Islamic Iran goes ahead and experiences growth in various arenas, he noted, adding that today’s Iran provides women with great opportunities in all political, social, cultural and scientific areas, while the Western societies try to apply women as a tool.

The anniversary of the Iranian Revolution is celebrated on 22 Bahman, which is the 11th month in the Iranian calendar, and equivalent to 11 February 1979.