Microsoft has unveiled its new Bing, which includes ChatGPT powers and can write essays and plan vacations.

Iran PressSci & Tech: Bing’s new AI-powered chatbot is basically ChatGPT with ads…and one that refuses to do your homework for you. Well, sometimes.

That’s not necessarily a derogatory criticism; the new Bing is pretty amazing. In your first few minutes with the new Bing chat interface, you’ll probably see even more sophistication than the free version of ChatGPT currently offers, with lengthy, detailed responses that can help you in many walks of life. But they may end with a jarring ad that looks (and probably is) ripped straight from Bing. That said, the fresh AI experience already work shockingly well more often than not.

According to PCWorld, the new Bing experience is basically two parts. There’s the traditional search, with a list of search results and a new contextual interface to the right; and the new “Chat” interface, which can be accessed either by swiping up from the list of links or via its own link. Microsoft’s new, for those who have access, features a large search box in the center, with room for lengthy searches of up to 1,000 characters. It’s above that search box where you’ll find the small “Chat” link.

Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing is by far the biggest threat Google has seen to its dominance in web search - and marks the beginning of an AI arms race between the companies.


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