Managua (IP) - The senior advisor for the President of Nicaragua, upon the arrival of Iran's foreign minister, said that his country can become an actor in Latin America, and showcase Iranian products in the region.

Iran PressAmerica: Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir- Abdollahian arrived in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, Thursday on his first trip to Latin America.

Amir-Abdollahian was welcomed by his counterpart "Dennis Moncada" upon arrival.

The senior advisor for investment, trade, and international cooperation of the President of Nicaragua Laureano Ortega added to the journalists: "During the visit of Iranian foreign minister we have an intensive working program that allows brotherly and friendly relations and cooperation. Let's strengthen ourselves even more."

"We strengthen our relations and cooperation in the framework of friendship, brotherhood, solidarity and mutual respect," he further stressed.

Ortega continued: "Through the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, I would like to express our sincere greetings and gratitude to the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Leader of the Revolution and Mr. President."

The official further said: "It is a great pleasure for us that the visits of the officials of the two countries are ongoing and dynamic. Last year, we received Iranian officials in Nicaragua, and Nicaraguan officials also visited Iran, and it is an honor for us that we are currently receiving a high-level delegation headed by the Iran's foreign minister in Nicaragua."

He stated: "We are two countries that are brothers through our revolutions and we defend our right to choose our destiny and our path towards development and prosperity."

The senior advisor of the President of Nicaragua stated: "Iran and Nicaragua are warrior nations, heroes, and brothers. Tehran has a very high technological, industrial, and commercial development that Managua can benefit from."

At the end of his address to Amir- Abdollahian, Laureano Ortega said: "We are grateful to God that we welcome your presence in the country today."

In recent years, relations between Iran and the progressive countries of Latin America, including Nicaragua, have always been on the rise, and these relations have been expanding in political, economic, commercial, industrial, energy, health, and other fields.


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