London (IP)- Victims of the British Army's chemical gassing gathered in front of the Prime Minister's office in London.

Iran PressEurope: Nine years ago, 7-year-old Zane Gbangbola died after inhaling hydrogen cyanide gas at his home in the suburbs of London.

His parents believe he may have died from inhaling highly toxic hydrogen cyanide gas that seeped into their home in floodwater from a nearby lake on a former landfill site. Kye Gbangbola, the father of Zane, has been paralyzed due to the release of hydrogen cyanide gas, and together with several human rights activists, they are trying to save others from this deadly threat. Kye Gbangbola said in an interview with IranPress, after the rain in 2014, the flood started and the water entered our house

The Londoner added, behind our house, there was an old chemical waste disposal center that no one knew about except the British army and government, and the flood caused the poison to enter the house and as a result, hydrogen cyanide gas was released.

Kye Gbangbola said the nerve gas was used in World War II in the British Army to kill enemy soldiers. Gbangbola Sr. explained why he is in front of the British Prime Minister's office: "We are here, to tell the truth; we have been trying for the truth for nine years, which is a shame."According to him, a petition signed by 117 thousand people was delivered to the office of the new British Prime Minister and they asked him to tell the truth to the people.

Hydrogen Cyanide is a highly toxic conjugate acid of cyanide that is used as a chemical weapon agent. It is characterized as a colorless gas or liquid with a strong pungent odor that irritates the eyes and respiratory tract, as well as toxic systemic effects.


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