Tehran(IP): The spokesman of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasized that the main operations room of Iran's recent riots was not located in the region.

Iran PressIran News: The occurrence of recent riots in Iran, under the pretext of the death of "Mahsa Amini" once again caused the foreign enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran to use it as an opportunity to interfere in Iran's internal affairs and to spark as much unrest as possible.

In the recent riots, the political leaders of the US and sometimes Europe, their media as well as the Persian media supported by the West, abused a tragic event and with the slogan of so-called supporting the rights of the Iranian nation, they left no stone unturned in supporting the rioters and disrupters of the nation's security

"Ali Bahadori Jahromi", the government's spokesperson, in an  interview  with Al-Mayadeen, stated that the purpose of the unrest in Iran was to stop the progress of Iran and said: "The government's path is correct because the sale of oil and non-oil trade has increased."

Bahadori Jahromi added: The aim of the enemy's recent unrest in Iran was to stop the progress of the country.

The government spokesperson further said: Some reports that were collected from inside the country and sent to prepare for the next project (sent abroad) have been received by the security agents, which are documented, as well as actions that are carried out robotically with the support of many countries and forces. The security and even the military of some countries were carried out robotically in cyberspace.

"Jahromi also said: "In the riots, about 80 security guards of the country were martyred."


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