Tehran(IP)- Following some Iraqi officials' use of a fake name 'Arabian' for the historical 'Persian Gulf' name , the spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered the action of the Iraqi officials contrary to the principle of good neighborliness and friendly relations between the two countries and called on Baghdad to respect International geographical names.

Iran PressIran News: Earlier, the arrangement of the 25th Football competitions of the Persian Gulf Arab states Cup in Iraqi city of Basra brought about numerous criticisms, so the Iranian football federation issued a protesting statement on Saturday, which was handed over to the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA).

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Kanani, stated on Thursday that the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Baghdad had previously protested against this action, and the General Legal Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by sending an official note, considered this action by Iraq unacceptable and called on Iraq to respect the International geographical names.

Kannani also said that it is expected that the Iraqi authorities would pay attention in using the correct name for this water area which is emphasized by the United Nations and clarified: the name of the Persian Gulf has been used in documents, maps, and travelogues for thousands of years, so the old texts have the same name and the creation of baseless words does not change this fact.

Nasser Kannani further emphasized: "The ' Persian Gulf' name with its rich history is a unity symbol for all countries in the region and it should not be distorted to get others' attention.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs documents provided earlier to International organizations across the World to use the real name for the Persian Gulf,there are no any written document about Arabian coast  prior to prophet Mohammad(PBUH) era( from his birth about 570 CE in Mecca).

However, in more than 300 geographical, historical, literary, books or interpretation(Tafsir) of Quran and Islamic  morals, and jurisprudence, the Muslims and Arab scholars  have described PERSIAN GULF from beginning day of Islamic period to the last century.

UN calls for use of legal and valid term Persian Gulf


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