Syria’s permanent representative to the UN said Wednesday that the US occupation has taken millions of Syrians to a state of insecurity and instability.

Iran PressAmerica: Bassam Sabbagh said that the US destructive actions turned a large part of Syrians into displaced, refugees, and deprived them of food security.

Sabbagh, speaking at the UN Security Council session on the political and humanitarian issues in Syria, said that some states still exploit UNSC to repeat campaigns of lies and misleading against Syria without seeking solutions to the humanitarian difficult situation to which they took the Syrians.

The ambassador added that the US incorrect policies in the world and the region, particularly in Syria, have led to destabilizing the situation in the country, and destroying the development achievements made throughout decades.

“The illegitimate foreign military presence in Syria has contributed, to a great deal, to threatening the safety of the Syrian territorial integrity, and the theft of its resources, on top, the oil, gas and wheat,” Sabbagh said.

He went on to say that Washington and its allies’ protection for “Israel” has enabled it to continue its occupation of the Syrian Golan since 1967 and banned the UN Security Council from assuming its responsibility regarding the Israeli recurrent aggression on the Syrian territories.

“Today, Syria is more determined than ever before to continue combating remnants of terrorism and restoring security and stability to all its lands, Sabbagh added.

He concluded that the solution to the crisis in Syria requires ending the illegitimate foreign presence and all linked terrorist and separatist militias, removing economic coercive measures, and stopping the Israeli attacks.


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