Tehran (IP)- Chinese ambassador to Tehran stressed that China and Iran should improve their friendly and good relations at all levels, and the two countries have many common interests.

Iran PressIran news: "Chang Hua," the Chinese ambassador to Tehran, in an interview with  PressTV international news network, said: The strategic partnership agreement between the two countries has entered the implementation stage, and we want more progress in the form of the agreement as mentioned above.

The Chinese ambassador in Tehran also said about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization "NATO" provocations against China that; "NATO has become an entity that plans threats against other countries and carries out extensive actions against China in the Southeast Asian region."

The Chinese ambassador to Tehran noted: China strongly condemns these measures and demands that all international actors respect peace and stability.

"Talking about the security movements of Western powers and NATO in East Asia, Chang Hua also said: China has always been committed to being a good neighbor to Southeast Asian countries, but Western powers, especially the United States, do not seek to establish peace and stability in East Asia.

The Chinese ambassador to Tehran said about the idea of transferring gas from Iran to China through Pakistan, as well as building a railway between the three countries that Iran, China, and Pakistan have great capacities to develop relations. 


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