The European Union announced the ninth package of sanctions against Russia, including restrictions on access to drones, chemicals, and technologies used for military purposes.

Iran PressEurope: The measures, which need the backing of all EU member states, were public hours after President Vladimir Putin warned that the threat of nuclear war in the world is rising and reiterated that Russia will defend itself "with all means necessary." 

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced the bloc's latest set of penalties aimed at Moscow for its war on Ukraine, saying the EU is "stepping up the pressure on Russia." 

During a televised meeting of the Kremlin's Human Rights Council, Putin stressed that while the threat of a nuclear conflict is on the rise, Russia has no intention of launching a pre-emptive strike against Ukraine "under any circumstances."

During the meeting, Putin conceded that the invasion might become a "long process," adding that Russia has about 150,000 mobilized men preparing to be deployed to the frontline.

Nevertheless, the Russian leader praised the "significant results" Russia's military campaign has gained, including the Ukrainian regions that the Kremlin annexed them.


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