IP - As France is trumpeting the symbol of European human rights and quality of life, the country is struggling with a housing problem that will worsen daily.

Iran PressEurope: The housing crisis in France has been palpable in recent years, particularly in 2022, and the Ukrainian war is going on with its adverse impacts on people's lives. 

With an inflation rate above 7 percent and the intense enhancement in the price of energy and other essential items, many French households suffer a terrible situation. 

Allocating 25.5 percent of the people's money to housing costs in 2021 from the public purse, along with the increase in the home renting price in the big French cities during the past 20 years, has turned the housing issue into a challenge for the people. 

The policies of producing national houses in France are still up in the air, with 2,220,000 French households awaiting an inexpensive home.    

During François Hollande's presidency term, less than 100,000 houses were built annually, which was a fall in the house production rate. 

The increase in the price of actual states in Europe, including France, came as the house price has grown 30 percent throughout the past six years. 

According to French Newspaper Le Figaro: "The high fever for real state in France has spread throughout Europe, and prices and rents are increasing even outside the big cities." 

On March 30, 2022, Le Mond, another country's daily, said the French luxury real estate market is affected by the conflicts in Ukraine, and the situation can make foreign customers afraid to invest in the area.

Furthermore, many non-European immigrants in France are suffering from the housing crisis and live on the outskirts of cities.

France hosts non-European immigrants who do not enjoy the average house and live on the skid row. 

Le Mond also quoted Romeurope human rights assembly that 25,000 non-European immigrants are still living on skid rows of the French cities. 

Leilani Farha, the then-rapporteur of the UN for housing affairs in 2022, acknowledged: "Informal settlements inhabited by Roma, migrants and other groups in vulnerable situations are often denied basic services and regularly subjected to forced evictions, in violation of human rights standards."

The report said that those gypsies who dwelled in the poor district of the cities were often deprived of essential services and prone to be forcefully dismissed, which violates human rights.   

The abnormal housing situation for the vulnerable and immigrants in the 7th wealthy country of the world is strange; France knows itself as an advocate of human rights but is suffering from discrimination.


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