On Saturday evening, news sources announced the drone attack of the Turkish army in northeastern Syria.

Iran PressMiddle East: Since November 20, the Turkish army has intensified its air and artillery attacks on the northern regions of Syria.

Under the pretext of fighting terrorists, the Turkish army has been occupying parts of northern Syria for years, and a group of Turkish soldiers are still present in these areas.

A Turkish drone has targeted a civilian vehicle in the village of "Sanjaq Sheikh" in the city of Amuda in Al-Hasakah province.

So far, no news has been released about the casualties of this attack.

On Friday, the Turkish forces also attacked the village of Kozliyeh located on the outskirts of Tel Tamr in the north of Hasakah, the villages of Sheyukh Tahtani, Jarqli, Zormaghar in the west of Ain al-Arab city located in the outskirts of Aleppo, as well as the villages of Ziyarah and Saftak located in the western suburbs of Ain al-Arab city were targeted.

The Turkish army also resumed its artillery attacks on the "Abu Rasin" district in the northwestern suburbs of Hasaka last Thursday, and as a result of these attacks, significant damage was caused to the homes and properties of Syrian citizens. 219