Türkiye has stipulated the withdrawal of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces from Manbij, Ayn al-Arab Kobani, and Tal Rifaat in northern Syria to refrain from a ground operation by the army.

Iran PressAsia: Official sources said on Monday that Russia is making efforts to meet Türkiye's demands in northern Syria, in order to avoid a ground operation that the Turkish army might launch against the Kurdish units in the region.

The sources added that Ankara also demanded the return of the Syrian regime's institutions as an alternative to the "Syrian Democratic Forces", including the security forces and border guards.

The same sources stated that Türkiye had given a time limit to meet its conditions, otherwise, the alternative would be a military operation that would include the aforementioned areas.

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed - in a speech he delivered after a government meeting - that his country will not obtain permission from anyone to fight terrorist organizations, and that it does not ask anyone's permission when it takes steps related to Türkiye's security.

Erdogan said that Türkiye should not be disturbed by military operations aimed at "expanding the security belt on its southern borders," stressing that "these operations do not target anyone because of his race or religion."

He added that "it is no longer acceptable for some Western countries to provide support to terrorist organizations that target Turkish territory," and that his country does not have to "put up with the hypocrisy of the supporting forces by changing the names of the organizations to justify their support."


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