Carlos Queiroz, said on Sunday that Iran national football team is "good enough" but the story will not end here and it should be finished in style.

Iran news: According to an Iran Press report, speaking at a news conference, the Portuguese football manager who is currently in charge of the Iran national team, Carlos Queiroz, talked about the golden achievements that Iran national football team has attained under his guidance." He said both the players and the coaching team  had "big and great ambitions for Iranian football".

The Portuguese coach went on to take a short look at the 90 games in which he was the head coach of Iran's national football team. Queiroz said: "Out of these 90 games, we had 55 wins, 24 draws and only 11 defeats."

He added: "We scored 167 goals and we conceded only 53 goals. And we have a bright future and a very capable generation of players for the next 10 years".

Describing Iran as the number one team for 5 years in Asia, with its two world cup qualifications, Queiroz considered Iran football achievements as "good enough". However, he continued to emphasize that he does not want to finish at this level, but rather he would like to finish in style. 203/103


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